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Personal Training


Whether you're just starting your fitness journey, a new Mum or an elite athlete with a sound fitness level, having a personal trainer can help you meet your fitness goals faster and in a safer, more effective way. These sessions are designed around your lifestyle, training preferences and your individual goals. Emphasis is placed on building tiny habits and providing education on correct techniques and posture alongside nutrition guidance. I'm here to hold you to account and keep you motivated and insired on your fitness journey. 


Personal dedicated session

1 hour


5 session bundle - £350

10 session bundle - £650


1:2 £35 each

1:3 £30 each

1:4 £20 each


All sessions 1 hour


3 x 1 hour sessions | 6 weeks

18 sessions in total

Individual intense programme / performance metrics / learn to build consistent habits 


Why use a Personal Trainer

We've all heard the phrase 'consistency is key to success', and it really is. Consistency is the act of doing something regularly for a period of time. It's also a key component for achieving results in the realm of exercise, fitness and wellbeing. Without consistency, the body will not get the progressive load, nourishment, rest and recovery that it needs to make improvements. So how can we aim for consistency...

Schedule your training and workouts - creating, maintaining and sticking to a regular workout schedule is the best way to achieve consistency, and consistency over time is the best way to success. Pushing your fitness in sporadic bursts increases the risk of injury, illness and burnout while also taking longer for the effects of exercise to occur. Be realistic, choose days and times to suit your schedule. Squeezing an hour into even the busiest of days is achievable if you want it. If you can commit to an exercise routine, habits will form and consistency will grow.

Set goals and keep them clear in your thoughts - it's important to know 'why'. Why are you following this programme? What are your objectives? Working together, we will create your goals, make your goal clear and set a realistic time frame to work towards. Write the goal down and reflect on every decision that impacts your consistency in working towards this, both positively and negatively. 


Be hard on yourself, but not too hard - life is busy and it's easy for work, family and friends to consume your time, but having time to exercise is essential to your health and mental wellbeing. Often when we are exercising regularly, we are more inclined to eat a well balanced diet, drink more water and achieve better sleep. When the body is well nourished, well hydrated and rested we are then often more efficient at work, have more patience with our loved ones and don't feel guilty for taking time to work on ourselves and our personal goals. It's important to recognise that missing a workout here or there isn't going to mean your goals won't be achieved: sometimes life does give you lemons. An exercise and fitness schedule and a well balanced diet should be there to enhance your life, not take over it. That being said, we have to put in the hard work to reap the rewards. Life is a constant balance.

Keep showing up - this is where having a plan, creating a schedule and knowing your priorities helps build the habit of exercising and helps you to make smart decisions about what to do. Sometimes it's a matter of turning up even if you don't feel like it. It doesn't have to be perfect every time, but a bad workout is better than no workout.

Be Consistent- progress is not always linear, and you won't feel good every time you work out. You might be training for a month without noticing any differences and then, from nowhere, there is a green light moment and you feel fitter and stronger than you ever have before. If you don't stick at it, you won't see these progressions. When you do, celebrate your success, tell your Mum, tell your friends, then set yourself a new goal and continue that upward journey. Its always good to celebrate each others success, and who knows you might just inspire someone along your journey. 

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